W I L D   T H I N G
2 0 1 5

A wearable response to the creatures from one of my favourite stories ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

S E Y M O U R   T H E   O C T O P U S
2 0 1 5

He’s hungry and he’ll eat everything he can. Including you, starting with your head.

B A S T I A N    T H E    M O N S T E R   P U P P E T
2 0 1 5

Bastian. The grumpy Monster puppet inspired by ventriloquist dummies. He is controlled by inserting your hand in the back of his head to move his mouth and his arm is moved by using the stick attachment.

M I S C E L L A N E O U S   M A S K S
2 0 1 5 / 2 0 1 6

A series of masks made across the space of two years. They were created for various different projects but each one was made with intention of being playful.

D E S M O N D   T H E    G E N T L E   G I A N T
2 0 1 6

Alongside Pthirus Pubis (Crabby), Desmond is one of the largest pieces of work I’ve ever made. In 2016 when I was creating work, I kept challenging myself to make my pieces larger every time I started a new one. I find something very satisfying about the thought of being able to carry them around like giant babies. It was shortly after I created Desmond that people started to refer to the characters as my children.
If that’s the case then I’m a proud mother.

F E E L I N G   B L U E
2 0 1 6

‘Feeling Blue’ was a mini project I set myself to create a small section of a tiny world about a strange and lonely gentleman with a drinking problem.

2 0 1 6

Paraguay is the only piece of work I’ve ever created that was made as a representation of myself. It was suggested to me to create a body of work that felt honest, reassuring and positive. This was because had fallen into a pattern of creating work that poked fun at the world in a somewhat cynical way and although I have a passion for representing things in a sardonic, comical way, I felt I'd become disconnected from what originally inspired me to start making work in the first place. I was scared in the beginning because I'd never put the spotlight on myself in my work before but I am so glad I put it together because making it allowed me to get to know myself again and it enabled me to connect better with the world around me.

G H O S T L Y   E U G E N E
2 0 1 6

The idea for Ghostly Eugene came from wanting to create a character based on a strange but loveable little boy. His limbs are posable and he moves very creepily but he’s a sweet boy really.

A A R D V A R K,   A R M A D I L L O
2 0 1 6

Three cuties with Antisocial Behaviour Orders.
Aardvark – The Drugdealer
Armadillo – The Kleptomaniac
Anteater – The Posh, Blackout drunk

A L E X,   T O N Y   A N D   L I N D A
2 0 1 7

As a follow on from Aardvark, Armadillo and Anteater, I started to think about finding ways of combining animalistic appearances with human characteristics. Alex, Tony and Linda are very real, very strange people I met in various pubs in my hometown - Scarborough.

T H E   G I R L S
2 0 1 7

After drawing Hammered Janet for the first time, I knew that I wanted to have a go at creating some three dimensional characters based on her. These lovely ladies are the end result.

T H E   F O U R   H U M O U R S
2 0 1 8

A body of work based around The Four Humors – Blood, Yellow Bile, Black Bile and Phlegm. Each character has been made to represent one of four temperaments originally theorised by Hippocrates. The characters are Choleric, Melancholic, Phlegmatic and Sanguine. 
From this project I found that I have a huge love for creating work that appears to be made for children at first glance but when you look closer, some gruesome truths are revealed.

T H E   P H L E G M A T I C S   H A N D B O O K
D R. E N G E L' S   S E C O N D   S T O M A C H
2 0 1 8

As a follow on from my project on ‘The Four Humours’, ‘The Phlegmatic’s Handbook for Dr. Engel’s Second Stomach’ is a comical concept built on ‘Faux Science’.

P T H I R U S   P U B I S
2 0 1 9

A comical and positive exploration of how human beings learn to cope with their S.T.I’s in the form of soft sculpture that can be interacted with as wearable art.

2 0 1 9

An extension from the body of work ‘Coming To Terms With Your S.T.I’s’

N E I S S E R I A   G O N O R R H O A E
2 0 1 9

If it wasn’t already obvious, Neisseria Gonorrhoae is also from the body of work responding to the topic of STI’s. I felt like personifying one of the really gross ones, so I did. He used to have slime in the zippable part of his stomach but I forgot to zip him up and it dried out. At least he’s still cute though.

C A I N   A N D   A B E L
2 0 1 9

I wanted to take a story that involved characters originally intended to be represented as humans and change it so that they were otherworldly creatures. The idea of this was to create something strange and childlike.

2 0 2 0

‘Shrimpsquatch’ is an ongoing project I’m currently working on. It follows the lives of Four factory workers from a Seafood factory in Norway who develop respiratory problems and flu like symptoms after inhaling too much Shrimp shell powder on shift. Their symptoms rapidly develop and eventually they become big fluffy Shrimpsquatches and flee their work stations to run into the forest.
They want Shrimp. They NEED Shrimp.

F I S H   A N D   C H I P S
(M O T H E R   A N D   C H I L D)
2 0 2 0

Mother and Child is a body of work focusing on the alienation mothers often experience while breastfeeding in public places. When lockdown is lifted and the world is functioning again, I plan to take photos in some busy public places to capture some comical but simultaneously sobering shots in an effort to break the stigma around breastfeeding for all you wonderful super mums out there.
Free your nips, feed your babies!